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amanda renee [userpic]

July 7th, 2006 (12:46 pm)

current mood: sick

i missed the fourth of july family cookout b/c i was sick. after being up all night sunday i woke up monday with a crappy sore throat. i took medicine but it kinda faded away...and i went to work and made good money but i started to feel worse. tuesday was bad..i had a fever, chills, body aches, and the worst sore throat ever. all of my family was at my aunts and i didn't get to make it b/c i just couldn't get out of bed. joel took good care of me though. he went to the store and got me soup, OJ, medicine, and ice cream. he spent the whole crappy day with me and i love him for it. i was off work wed too and felt a bit better. me and joel went to a couple stores and got bw3s to go. but thur i woke up at 6 and my throat hurt so bad i couldn't sleep so i missed work and made a doctors apointment. and of course she said i had a virus...and all i could do was take ibuprofen and rest.
today i have to work....and i'm off tomorrow and i can't wait to see the new pirates of the caribbean.
and we leave for flordia in one week!!! yah!! i'm working on getting everything ready, and clean. but i am so excited.