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amanda renee [userpic]

it's been awhile.

February 12th, 2007 (01:50 pm)

current mood: cheerful
current song: the Raconteurs

I decided to check on this thing and see how everyone was doing and I noticed I hadn't posted in a couple months. november....that was awhile ago. Things are pretty much still the same. Very busy with school and work. Things are good though. Joel and I have our stupid arguments but we're happy and that's a great thing. I love him so much!! School is going pretty well. I'm a senior finally and working hard towards getting that degree. It won't be long now. I've got experimental psych, forensic psych, writing about literature, and french this semester, and every single one of them is keeping me busy. I already cannot wait for the summer to come, but I know it will be here in no time. Work is going ok too, I've been serving and doing carside the past couple weeks. It's kinda nice to have a little break from only serving. Plus I get a little more of a paycheck, which is nice. I'm waiting on my taxes which I should get soon.
That's pretty much it. We've got awesome plans with Amy and Jeff Friday night. Tumbleweed maragritas and a movie. Should be lots of fun!! I'm off to possibly take a nap, and then shower and go to work.